Situated in the heart of the Central Valley in Lemoore, California, Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino suffered from WiFi coverage and connection problems, but since the implementation of the WiFiTel system the hotel WiFi complaints drop has been total with zero logged.

The hotel property is seven stories in a semi-circular shape with 255 guest rooms, and was originally opened in 2005. The existing WiFi system was a traditional design with public access points shared between rooms, problems of over-subscription and patchy coverage led to the decision to provide in-room WiFi Access and Smart Hospitality Corporation were tasked with finding a solution.

WiFTel: The Smart Hospitality Solution

Founded in 2002, California based Smart Hospitality Corporation provides hotels with in-room entertainment solutions including High Definition video services and high-speed internet access. We asked Jeffrey Lawton, CEO about his impressions of the WiFiTel system, and here was his reply:

  • The WiFiTel APs were very easy to install.
  • It was a nice benefit that we were able to fully deploy the WiFiTel system while keeping the hotel’s legacy APs running, then do instant cut-over from one system to the other, so there was no disruption to guest Wi-Fi through the entire process.
  • The 100% coverage in guest rooms was so good that it extended out the windows to the outdoor pool area, and eliminated the need for exterior access points to cover that area.
  • The legacy Wi-Fi system with APs in the hallways had coverage and oversubscription problems, causing numerous guest complaints to the point that actual bandwidth usage was relatively low because of the bad experience.
  • After implementing WiFiTel, bandwidth usage immediately skyrocketed to the point that the hotel had to increase their ISP bandwidth. They were happy to do so, because it became obvious that they were woefully underserving guest Wi-Fi demand previously due to bad connectivity, and the improved connectivity revealed the actual demand and guest usage patterns that are now being properly handled by the WiFiTel system.

Hotel WiFi complaints drop..

Perhaps the most important of Jeffrey Lawton’s comments was that the hotel WiFi coverage and connection speed complaints dropped to zero after the implementation of WiFiTel.

Based on the success of Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, Smart Hospitality Corporation are taking orders for their next WiFiTel implementations, looking forward to seeing more hotel WiFi complaints drop to zero!