Hotel WiFi over Coax

The only way to guarantee perfect WiFi coverage to every room in a hotel, regardless of architecture, age or design is to place an access point right there in the room.

Wireless internet access systems from WiFi Mundo are based on our WiFi over Coaxial solution, which provides an enterprise grade network over the hotel and access points in each room using the hotel TV infrastructure.

Our hotel WiFi over Coax systems are incredibly easy to install, which means they suit almost every type of hotel infrastructure and style. Access points just plug in behind TVs, so there is no disruption to business and the hotel d├ęcor remains untouched.

The coaxial cable infrastructure of a hotel allows network speeds up to 320MBs, and data can travel up to 1km through coax. That means that WiFi over Coax Systems even suit bungalow style topographies.