Hospital WiFi

Ubiquitous hospital WiFi is an infrastructure that has become a necessity in modern hospitals as an increasing number of services rely on secure connectivity.

Internet connectivity  has become a service that hospital staff, patients and visitors expect and depend on  both personally and professionally.

WiFiTel Systems offer the Healthcare Sector low cost, clean and rapid WLAN implementation using the hospital TV coaxial system.

Network Management flexibility allows for prioritizing services and user groups, ensuring optimum resourcing across all network user groups in the hospital WiFi system.

WiFiTel systems also come with secure network protocols, firewalls, limitless VPNs and much more ensuring the complete data security required in hospital WiFi.

Hospital WiFi Infrastructure

One of the primary obstacles to installing a Hospital WiFi infrastructure is that many hospitals worldwide exist on old infrastructures which were designed for the devices used at the time they were built. Many have no or very limited space for storage and installing a network is incredibly expensive or practically impossible. Furthermore, the walls may be so thick that establishing a ubiquitous hospital WiFi signal is simply unrealistic.

For these reasons the WiFiTel WiFi Over Coaxial System is the perfect solution fo hospital WiFi. Because most rooms and wards already come equipped with a television system, the infrastructure to install a top notch WiFi system is already in place. Add to this the rapid deployment and clean installation process, A fully functioning hospital WiFi network can be deployed in a short time with virtually no disruption to patients or existing services.

Hospital Wifi over Coax

WiFiTel Systems use the hospital TV system to deliver a network  with speeds up to three times normal network cable.

The installation requires no disruption as WiFi Network Access Points simply plug behind the TV in each room.

Each Access Point provides 3 LAN interfaces allowing ports to be opened for any other network device to be connected including VOIP.

Find about all the many advantages and benefits of implementing the WiFiTel system your hospital.

WiFi over Coax

WiFi Network Manager

WiFi Network Management Systems give you all the flexibility in traffic management, security and network access control that you could wish for.

Ensure that critical traffic takes network priority and manage bandwidth over the WLAN in a variety of ways.

Implement security measures, VLANS, Firewalls, a hidden services network and integrate securely with other hospital networks.

Find out more about how the WiFiTel Network Manager can help you manage and maintain perfect a hospital WiFi service.

WiFi Network Management

Hospital WiFi Services

Perfect WiFi coverage can improve efficiency, safety, security, patient welfare and much more