Case Studies

Discerning guests expect perfect wifi, but most existing systems are unable to cope and then they complain. Hotels need an urgent upgrade, but hotels are always busy and disruption can’t be tolerated. The WiFiTel Coaxial system has proved to be the perfect solution for any property that has existing coax cable wiring in place.

We have documented a number of case studies for your review – call them – ask them how things are in their WiFI experience since installing WiFiTel product in their hotel. We are certain that they will be pleased to share one of the most important and successful decisions they have made in years.

Interference, obstructions, patchy coverage and more!

Existing WiFi systems that had been installed a few short years before and were usually based on Ubiquiti Unifi and Ruckus WiFi equipment which are still very popular today. Coverage was provided by external antennae mounted on masts outside pointing at the windows of hotel rooms and ceiling mounted antennae in corridors. The result was patchy with many rooms having no coverage at all.

The causes of the problems were some of the most typical found in hotel wifi installations:

  • Interference from high power antennae from neighbouring hotels which frequently changed channel
  • Growth of vegetation disrupted signals from external antennae
  • Growth in demand for bandwidth exceeded the original system design
  • Large rooms and suites had incomplete coverage

One Access Point per Room

One access point per room is the only way a hotel would be able to guarantee coverage, but laying Ethernet cable to every room would involve closing sections of the hotel, and that is never an option in the middle of the busy summer season.

In fact, after a detailed review of the available options including DSL and DOCSIS, the WiFiTel Coaxial System not only came out with the best performance, but also the best price.

Not one guest will be disturbed…

The installation can be completed in a matter of days by the hotel maintenance staff. WiFiTel Coaxial Controllers are plugged into each of the TV system amplifiers and access points are mounted behind TV furniture, each room takes less than 5-10 minutes. The system is configured remotely so it is up and running even as the access points are being plugged in. There is no disruption in the hotel, no areas were closed and no guests are disturbed.

And peace will be restored to reception

Complaints will disappear as coverage is extended, giving receptionists more time and less stress. With access to the WiFiTel Network Monitoring System, receptionists are able to see the status of every access point and every user device on the system.

The management team at your hotel will be closely monitoring the cloud based WiFiTel Coaxial System in your hotel from any internet connected smart phone, tablet or laptop wherever they are onsite or offsite.

Installation Partners also has partners that can install and manage the entire system for you if you prefer. Contact or and ask them how they can help you to insure a perfect and professional installation in your hotel if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself.