Nestled in the beautiful Denbighshire landscape of North Wales sits Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel, a Warners property, part of the Bourne Leisure Group. The site and infrastructure would provide a challenge in design and cabling for any traditional network on the market today, but WiFiTel coaxial networks provided a simple and cost effective answer.

The WiFiTel Coaxial Network uses the existing television coaxial cable infrastructure to support a fast, stable network. The network occupies low frequencies within the cable, avoiding interference with TV channels. Using the existing coaxial cable system meant that no new cable needed to be run to each room, saving huge cost and disruption.

A WiFiTel network access point in each room ensures perfect WiFi coverage, without interference caused by walls and a multitude of other radio signals, providing the guest a fast uninterrupted coaxial network.

Implementation of the WiFiTel coaxial network was rapid, without disruption to the hotel or guests. Each WiFiTel access point takes only a few minutes to install and plugs in to the TV system in each room. The access point is wall mounted and as soon as it connects to the TV wall socket, the WiFiTel Access Point automatically connects to the network and the installer can assign a room number to it, using their smartphone.

Bodelwyddan Castle is a Grade II listed site and shows the flexibility of the WiFiTel coaxial network to any type of hotel infrastructure. The plug and play system means that even the largest installations require minimal time and manpower to implement and the system can be up and running even as each access point is installed.

Maintaining the system is equally simple. The coaxial cable infrastructure will need no further maintenance than it already receives; there are no extra racks, hubs, switches and thousands of meters of network cable to maintain, replace, upgrade or support. The system is configured, managed and visualized from the cloud based WiFiTel Network Management System.

The WiFiTel coaxial network at Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel has proved to be a great success and has enhanced guest experience in line with the recent 6 million pound investment in the hotel.