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Is Your Hotel WiFi Network Green? Ethernet vs. Coax

Although hotels will proudly flaunt their green credentials, implementing an environmentally friendly guest WiFi network is rarely a consideration and when asked, “Is your hotel WiFi network green?” most network installers simply won’t know what to answer. Fortunately, WiFiTel systems offer the solution to the environmental cost, as well as reducing the financial cost, of [...]

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Install a WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Point

WiFiTel Systems are designed to be installed and managed with ease and efficiency and the process for installing an WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Point is a great example. An Access Point can be live and connecting hotel clients within just a few minutes, using just your smartphone. WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Points are ready to [...]

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WiFiTel Hotel Wifi over Coax Vs Ethernet Cable

Once you have installed a WifiTel system in a hotel, and seen it hum along fault free for months on end, it’s difficult to envision the need to ever lay Ethernet cable to hotel rooms. But for the uninitiated, let’s walk through a comparison of the installation process of both WiFiTel hotel wifi over Coax [...]

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Hotel WiFi Network Design Made Easy

Hotel WiFi network design used to be the key deciding factor in the functionality of a network. Under traditional hotel WiFi network architecture, design was paramount. Whether using ubiquiti, Meraki, Ruckus, Wavion or any of the other quality products in the marketplace, the design of the hotel WiFi network made the difference between a good [...]

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Typical WiFiTel Tower Block Installation

One of the most common types of architecture to install the WiFiTel coaxial network is in a tower block of hotel rooms or apartments. The coaxial cable infrastructure looks very similar in any multilevel building and is used to deliver the WiFiTel data network to each guest room or apartment. This article and the accompanying [...]

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5 Reason Why WiFi Networks Fail

When Wifi networks fail in a hotel, complaints stack up at the reception desk almost immediately and before you know it your hotel has been condemned as a WiFi blackspot on Trip Advisor. There are quite a few reasons why WiFi networks fail, but below you’ll see some of the most common. 1. Big Powerful [...]

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Good Hotel WiFi Makes Money (and Bad WiFI Loses Money)

Hotels should no longer see WiFi as simply another amenity or service they must provide. Rather, Directors need to understand that WiFi has a direct relationship to the bottom line. Put simply, bad WiFi costs money and good hotel WiFi makes money! And I am not talking about the age old question of whether or [...]

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Hotel WiFi and Wearable Technology

If you manage hotel WiFi systems then you know that the number of devices that each guest brings and their bandwidth demand is going to surge with wearable technology, yet the radio transmitters and receivers in these devices are going to be less powerful. Hotel WiFi and wearable technology are going to be a major [...]

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Hotel WiFi over Coaxial Cable

So many hotels are concerned about the costs and disruption involved in guaranteeing 100% wifi coverage to every room in their hotel, yet almost all of them have not realised that the solution is staring them in the face. Within the walls of every hotel there is an infrastructure capable of providing a fast and [...]

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