Get Wifi everywhere without rewiring your Hotel, Resort, Student Dormatory, Aged Care Home or Apartment

WiFi Network Access Point Solutions

The WiFiTel Coaxial WiFi Access Point is the simple answer to a complex problem.

Everyone in the Hotel, Hospitality and MDU WiFi industry is concentrating on the big problem.

WiFi travels at a pretty high frequency compared to the radio you listen to in the car, which is lower. Like sound, low radio frequencies travel further than high ones, despite obstructions. You can hear the low rumble of an elephant from a great distance, for example.

Within the narrow bands of frequency that WiFi works on, radio traffic is increasingly saturated as more and more devices send and receive growing amounts of data.

The further the distance and more airwaves the signal has to travel between WiFi network access point and client, the more likely interference from other devices will compete with and interrupt it.

Every Wi-Fi network access point designer is trying to beat the laws of physics by inventing new ways to make WiFi go further and negotiate more and more obstacles.

The WiFi industry has focused its time and energy to compensate for the problem of high WiFi radio frequency in a busy but limited bandwidth space.

They have developed expensive powerful antennae, multiple radios, sophisticated ways to interpret bounced signals and a whole array of intelligent fixes.

But the problem is rooted in the laws of physics, and any amount of fixes will not make it go away if you are more than 30 feet away from your access point.

We work with the laws of physics, rather than fight them.

We don’t place a few Mega-WiFi-Access points in cleverly worked out positions in a hotel or hospital hoping that it might work, we place many where they need to be.

One WiFi network access point in every room guarantees quality because distance, obstructions and interference are no longer a problem.

By placing a WiFi access point in each room WiFiTel systems provide perfect, interference free WiFi to every guest.

WiFiTel avoids the cost of running network cables to each room by using the pre-existing cable television infrastructure. WiFiTel works on any TV coaxial cable. Thanks to that, let’s call it coaxial cable wifi, your hotel can reduce the cost of the entire network infrastructure. This wifi access point is a  very good solution for hotels, resorts, college/university dorms, apartment buildings, hospitals and aged care homes. Wifi in buildings with our WiFiTel system will have high quality connections and be very convenient for your users. This coaxial cable wifi solution is our way to improve network connections. It guarantees successful hospitality wifi without any fuss.
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WiFiTel WiFi network access points just plug in behind the TV of every room and the TV coaxial cable provides a backbone network with synchronous speeds up to 320MBs.

WiFiTel Systems are faster, more reliable and guarantee quality WiFi in every room with a lower price tag than competing systems. Is there a better solution for your building’s wifi? Don’t delay, order now, we know you’ll be surprised by how easy it is and how fast it is.

The answer to the 5GHz question is that there is no added benefit, only added cost. The whole point of 5GHz is to provide an offload spectrum to reduce interference when 2.4GHz is crowded in a high density, larger number of users, on a single AP, WiFi environment.

When dealing with radio, proximity will win every time. One of the MANY benefits of a WiFi AP in every room is that you have proximity between every guest and their specific WiFi AP in their own room. It trumps interference from other WiFI AP’s and other networks. And because you only have the guests in that room and their devices connecting to that specific WiFi AP at just arm’s length from them then there is no need to offload bandwidth to the 5GHz spectrum or crank up the WiFi AP’s 2.4GHz transmit power. The internet is a two way conversation that is only as good as the weakest device. Smart Phones and Tablets only transmit at 5mw of power. A WiFi access point can transmit anywhere between 5 and 100mw but blasting away at 100mw should only be used if you are trying to communicate 2-3 walls away with another device that also has 100mw transmit power. Unfortunately most people miss the important point that their 5mw handheld devices can’t talk back to the WiFi AP anymore than 15-30 feet without obstructions so the only way to ensure a successful internet session is to always be right next to your WiFi AP.

A dual band unit can be produced and we have done almost all the development needed. However it would add significant cost to each WiFi AP unit (probably about $40). We understand the eventual need for a dual band unit for certain brand mandated requirements that have no real practical reality unless some brands continue to do WiFi installs the wrong way.

However, as most WiFITel equipment installs, to date, have been in smaller brands and independents, the 2.4GHz frequency band has been more than sufficient. And again to stress, for WiFi purposes, when dealing with high density and low powered AP’s, 5GHz doesn’t add any real benefit. Proof of how well WiFITel works is the positive feedback we receive from very large hotels and casinos reporting excellent performance from the WiFiTel installations that serve 1000’s of rooms per property.




Read This First – a frank letter from – the bottom line – we’ll save you money and we’ll make you a hero – all on the same day.

Finally, an affordable solution to older buildings without existing Ethernet Cabling for Internet and WiFi. There isn’t anything really new here, the technology has existed for years but the difference with WiFiTel is that we have lowered the cost to a point where it makes economic sense, simplified the install and setup process to take all of the mystery away and our Cloud Based Dashboard makes it manageable without having to hire your own IT Technician to manage it. You can do it all yourself.

If you have an existing WiFi system in place that is less than perfect you can augment it by using our solution to solve the tough challenges that our competition simply couldn’t solve. We are compatible with all existing WiFi systems.

Typically, large buildings built before 2005 only had telephone and Coax Cable TV wiring instead of the now very common CAT5-6 Ethernet wiring that is used for Internet and WiFi installations. Adding new CAT5-6 Ethernet wiring to every guest room is always very disruptive and expensive, requiring renovations to every wall between the central wiring closets and the guest room internet access points that should be installed in every room to get it right.

Using the revolutionary and simple install provided by WiFiTel engineered Access Points you can have perfect WiFi in every hotel guest room or apartment within 5 minutes of install time per room and no disruptive new wiring to get the job done.

You simply install our Access point between your Coax Cable wall outlet and your TV without affecting your TV performance or channel line up.

On the other end of that Coax Cable is a TV signal amplifier somewhere else in the central wiring closet on each floor of your building. You need to install one Converter box before each TV amplifier to inject the internet signal onto the Coax Cable that already carried your TV signal. Each TV amplifier feeds between 5 and 50 rooms depending on your existing Coax Cable installation.

The Converter box is then fed internet from our Gateway Controller Internet Router which manages all of them and connects to our Cloud Managed Network Management System. This then connects to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) feed to your building. Each Converter box delivers 320Mbps synchronous bandwidth.

A typical 100 room hotel usually has about 5 TV amplifiers so that would equal 320Mbps X 5 = 1.6Gbps throughput – more than enough to provide all the bandwidth any modern hotel guest would request in order to stream movies, music and web pages at the same time.

At this moment in time you can’t even get that much bandwidth from your local ISP. It’s virtually future proof without having to rip your older and in some cases historic building apart in order to provide what today’s tech savvy guests expect to find everywhere they go – fast WiFi. It suits any building of any size built in the last 200 years. Normally, old brick, concrete or stone buildings simply didn’t have a “sensible” way of getting updated internet technology into every room without crazy high expenses for renovations. Now you can get all of this done without any renovations.

Our systems are compatible with older TV cable systems fed directly by Satellite Receiver or cable TV providers using old cable TV technology or the newer Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) TV head ends. If you have working Cable TV cabling installed in your building we can bring you all of the convenience of Internet with 4 Ethernet ports and 3 WiFi SSID’s per access point per room. It’s more than enough to support everything coming out in the all new Internet of Things (IOT) that can provide endless opportunity to provide your guests amenities you’re only beginning to see advertised for use in your hotels, resorts, apartments and aged care homes.

Now your staff can also be coordinated using one of the extra WiFI SSID’s to manage your own in house staff wireless network communications at no extra cost.

Imagine using one SSID for Guest WiFi, a second SSID for your staff network and a third SSID for the new IOT options to control and optimize heating/cooling, lighting, and guest experience features .The IOT is coming on fast and includes cloud controlled door locks, safes, mood lighting, radios, TV’s and anything else that will be dreamed up in the next few years.

You probably still haven’t thought about what you might plugin into the 4 Ethernet ports that are also included with each Access point. You could switch to IPTV which requires a dedicated Ethernet port per TV but that still leaves 3 more Ethernet Ports for more options. All of this is manageable by our Cloud based Network Management System (NMS) that you can control yourself or hire one of our trusted install partners to manage it for you. You’ll notice that we aren’t trying to force you into anything – everything for the most part is a no cost option as part of our core product.

Pricing this out is easy and affordable. It’s so easy you can figure it out right now without even calling us for a consult using the formula show below. You can even buy a DEMO KIT from us that allows you to try it all out for two guest rooms to prove to your self that it actually works as described.

The price quote formula for all equipment needed;

Number of Rooms X $110.00 per Access Point per room
Number of TV Amplifiers X $480.00 per WiFitel Converter
one pre-configured Microtik Router at $920.00 to connect it all to the internet connection from your ISP
a Network Management System license of $1.00 per Access Point per month on a subscription basis.

The only limitation to performance is the amount of bandwidth you can afford to bring into your building. Please remember that each modern guest expects to receive 30-50Mbps bandwidth speed so that they can run 5 devices at the same time in their one guest room. A typical guest now has  their cell phone, tablet, laptop and Xbox running at the same time watching TV, Netflix and gaming while Face Timing or Skype-ing with their family back home.

If your local Internet Service Provider isn’t co-operating with you in regards to providing cost competitive bandwidth we can help you there as well. We have partnered with one of North America’s largest independent ISP’s to bring you everything you need including, internet bandwidth, WiFi and TV channel packages at prices that will make you smile.

All of this is available in Canada and the USA and you can install it yourself. It’s that simple to put in place or if you are uncomfortable doing this yourself you can have one of our qualified installer partners do it for you at extra cost. The entire system also works well in Mexico although we don’t have any install partners in Mexico at this time.

All prices are in US Dollars.